Our Niche – Turnkey Solutions for the Seasoned Investor

Integrity Capital Holdings, LLC specializes in education and partnering on deals with advanced investors.

Our strategy is to become a one stop shop for seasoned investors.

The real estate landscape is continually changing with the ebbs and flows of real estate cycles.

Our company allows seasoned investors to quickly become educated on the current trends in the market, make informed and educated decisions based upon those trends, and take calculated risks and spread those risk through partnership opportunities.

We have skin in the game on all deals, so you can trust that we are ensuring that the investment choices are sound and profitable for all.  

If you would like to be a part of our wealth building strategy, please complete the Investor Criteria form and be added to our list.  We will only send you information that is worthy of your valuable time with complete deal analysis summarized to make an informed decision.  You will have all of the information before it is broadcast to the world. Sound interesting?

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If you would like to contact us immediately to see what opportunities we have available, please call me personally at 916-628-9000.

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship!

Tammy Benton
Integrity Capital Holdings, LLC

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